Dea Hunsicker

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Graduate Student

University of Chicago


Other information

Dea is a non-SILC Postdoc in the Goldin-Meadow Lab. She is a SILC Alumna (was a SILC Graduate Student Member) and member of our Spatial Network.

Dea graduated with a BA from Wesleyan University. Before starting grad school she worked as a research assistant for the Study of Adult Development, the longest running longitudinal study in the country. As a member of the Goldin-Meadow lab she's currently studying the development of noun phrases and other forms of hierarchical structure in homesigners. Homesigners are the profoundly deaf children of hearing adults who aren't exposed to a sign language, and so develop a gesture system to communicate. By studying individuals in this unique situation without access to a language model, it's possible to gain better understanding of what the human mind contributes to language development and language evolution.